Ted Williams Houseless
Ted Williams, the Man with the Golden Voice, was once homeless on the streets of Columbus, Ohio - until the day that a reporter discovered his amazing radio voice, making Ted a worldwide celebrity.

Now Ted shows you the nearly impossible circumstances he had to overcome to make it out of poverty.

Isla Vista is a prosperous coastal town with pristine beaches, high property values and the beautiful University of California Santa Barbara campus.

Isla Vista is also a home . . . to those with nowhere else to go.

Houseless is one of the grittiest documentaries of all time, vividly portraying what it is like to be homeless in today’s America.  For eight months, Pirate, Professor, Clyde, Cliff, Carms and others allowed the cameras to follow their lives on the streets.

With breathtaking scenery, timeless music and memorable performances, Houseless is a work of art that is the definitive statement on homelessness for all time.

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